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All You Need to Know About Carpet Cleaning

All You Need to Know About Carpet Cleaning  

Residential Carpet Cleaning vs. Commercial Carpet Cleaning

The secret of an efficient carpet cleaning is employing proper and effective cleaning methods. The carpet material installed in business places is totally different from those inside homes. While home carpets are all for beauty and comfort, commercial carpets are made to stand against heavy foot traffics without getting easily damaged. However, all carpet types share the same requirement and that is regular cleaning and maintenance. Do you want to know how commercial carpet cleaning is distinguished from residential carpet cleaning? Stay on this page for more relevant details.

  • Commercial carpet cleaning is not similar to residential carpet cleaning in terms of cleaning frame. While home carpets are generally recommended to have a proper cleaning once every year, commercial carpets need to be cleaned every six months. This is so because commercial carpets attract a greater amount of dirt and dust due to heavy foot traffics in business areas.

  • The steam cleaning or hot-water-extraction method is highly applicable to residential carpets. Steam cleaning works best in getting rid of pet and food stains which are the usual problems with residential carpets. On the other hand, commercial carpet cleaners usually favored the low-moisture method which is most effective in getting rid of grit, sand, and allergens.

  • While residential carpet cleaning allows for a longer time for a cleaning period, commercial carpet cleaning has time constraints. It must be done without much delay so as not disrupt the business operations.

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