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Questions to Ask a Commercial Cleaning Company Before Booking Their Services

Questions to Ask a Commercial Cleaning Company Before Booking Their Services  

Choosing a Janitor Cleaning Service

Before booking any services for your business, it is best if you get to know their company first. This way, you can make sure you hired the right company. If you hire the wrong company, it will be a big hassle for you and your employees. It could affect your business as well. This is true especially when it comes to services like a janitor cleaning service. Set up an interview with different cleaning companies to see if they are the right cleaning company for you. Here are some questions you should ask.

How long have you been providing cleaning services to businesses?

You might be able to find a lot of cleaning companies in your area. But make sure you are hiring a cleaning company who offers a commercial cleaning service. If you hire a company that specializes in residential cleaning, their experience will not be enough. There is a big difference between residential and commercial cleaning. They should have years of experience in commercial cleaning.

What is your hiring process?

A cleaning company should be meticulous when hiring cleaners. They should check their experience in the cleaning industry. Since the cleaners will be working in your office, you would want to hire people who are trustworthy. Doing a background check for the cleaning crew should not be your task anymore. They should do the background check on their employees before sending them to you.

Are you going to send the same cleaning crew all the time?

It is not good for your business’ security if they send different cleaners often. They should be able to send a crew dedicated to your business. They should be able to send enough people to provide the janitor cleaning service too.

Would you still be supervising your cleaning crew?

They do not have to send a supervisor all the time to check on the cleaning crew they are sending. But a supervisor should be present once in a while to check on their work. They must have a supervisor who you can reach out to if you have concerns about their services.

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